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Why Choose Fantasy Romance

Of Blood So Red

Of Blood So Red


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Of Blood So Red is the second book in this why choose fairytale retelling series. If you love protective supernatural men with hidden identities, a tough heroine who will fight for the ones she loves, and a magical world full of twists and turns, dive into this steamy fantasy romance series today!


A vampire princess. Seven hot sorcerers with secrets. And a journey to save the world.

With the help of my seven giants, I stopped my stepmother from destroying us, but the danger isn’t gone. New powers are rising inside me, ones that could damn me or save the world—but only if I can control them.

And that’s not all. A new danger lurks beyond the mountains, one determined to steal the power that sustains reality itself.

To protect everyone, my seven men and I must reclaim my throne—and with it, the magic my kingdom holds. But my people still think I’m a murderer, and I’m barely in control of my vampire side. Plus, to get home, we’ll have to cross the Wild Lands, a cursed territory overrun by feral magic.

There’s no way around the danger, and time is running out. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from surviving my evil stepmother: I’m not the naïve princess I used to be.

Anything that threatens me or the men I love better run for its life

Indulge yourself in this steamy reverse harem fairytale retelling of Snow White with seven protective heroes, a strong heroine, vampires, spice, and more!

As this is a series, there will be a cliffhanger in all books except the conclusion. The series will end with an HEA.

The Forever After: Crimson Snow Series

#1 - Of Snow So White

#2 - Of Blood So Red

#3 - Of Fate So Dark

#4 - Of Nine So Bold

Look inside the book

A tingling sensation surged over my skin when I stepped into the doorway.

I recoiled instantly, an involuntary hiss leaving me like a startled cat. The feeling lessened, but didn’t vanish entirely, like the pressure of a blade just at the edge of breaking skin.

“What’s wrong?” Dex demanded, stepping protectively between me and the door as if to keep me back from it.

“Vampire,” Byron murmured.

I looked over at him in shock. “What do you mean?”

“You may enter, Princess,” Leontine called.

As if blown away by a breeze, the sensation faded.

Trembling with residual adrenaline, I fought the sudden urge to snarl at her like an animal. She knew what this was.

And at my first chance, I’d be discussing it with Byron. I’d had enough surprises to last me a lifetime.

Eyeing the doorframe warily, I stepped past Dex.

No trace of the strange resistance I’d encountered remained.

As if on some silent command, the robed figures seated at the center of the room rose to their feet and turned to face us. The others stopped what they were doing, and at a motion from one of the people in the circle, they retreated as one toward the walls, taking up positions with their hands folded and their heads bowed.

I stopped, eyeing them as if waiting for the trap to spring.

“Welcome, Princess.” I couldn’t tell who spoke, but it sounded like a woman, her voice cracked and weathered with age. “Welcome…” She paused, and when she continued, I could hear a calculating smile in her voice. “Dwarves.”

Only years of royal training kept my face from giving my surprise away. She knew the term the giants had once called these men?

None of the men around me reacted. They’d known that fact already, I’d wager. But what they thought of it, I couldn’t hope to guess.

A figure at the far edge of the circle lifted her hands and lowered her hood. She was older than Leontine with dark skin wrinkled so deeply it was hard to tell what she must have looked like when she was young. Her curly gray hair hovered like a storm cloud atop her head, but nothing about her seemed whimsical or flighty. Rather, her bearing reminded me of iron and stone. Of things unbowed or changed by time. She seemed like the mountain itself. Like all of creation could shift around her, and it would change nothing. She would crush any who thought to test her, and in the end, only she would remain standing.

“Thank you, Leontine,” the woman said.

With a bow of her head, Leontine stepped to the side as if clearing the path for the woman before us.

“Welcome to the home of the Jeweled Coven,” the woman continued. “I am Rufinia, First Matron of the Jeweled Coven and witch of diamonds. It’s good you all have come.” She turned to me. “Now we must make sure you don’t die.”


  • Hot heroes with dark pasts
  • Strong heroine with hidden powers
  • Multiple POVs
  • Touch-her-and-die vibes
  • Fast-burn with spice
  • Fairytale retelling in a fantasy setting

WARNING: Contains a story you can't put down. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop.

What reviewers say

"Wow… just wow. This is book 2 and it has hints of Snow White and the 7 Dwarves but is sooo sooo much more." - Chris, Amazon reviewer

"This series just keeps getting better! This book was a really fun read that takes you on a bit of a ride. It's so easy just to get lost into he book. I'm dying to find out what happens though!" - Reatha, Amazon reviewer


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  • A signed print edition direct from the author
  • Author swag

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