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Reverse Harem Vampire Romance

Blood Captive

Blood Captive


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Captured. Betrayed.
Now my enemies want my soul.

Devour this slow-burn reverse harem urban fantasy with four sexy vampire warriors, a strong heroine, and a hidden paranormal world full of magic, action, and romance. Intended for readers 18+. Book two of four in a complete series. Mind the cliff.


Captured. Betrayed.
Now my enemies want my soul.

Imprisoned by rabid vampires, I’m on my own.

I don’t know if the Sentinels survived the ambush that separated us.

My twin sister has become a monster in league with the vampires who took me.

And it gets worse.

Because my enemies are determined to resurrect the mad queen inside me right now… even if it costs me my life.

Devour this reverse harem paranormal romance with four sexy vampire warriors, a strong heroine, and a hidden paranormal world full of magic, action, and romance. Intended for readers 18+. Mind the cliff.

The Vampire Rebellion Series is Complete!

#1 - Blood Pawn

#2 - Blood Captive

#3 - Blood Rebel

#4 - Blood Queen

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A breath left me. I couldn’t smell rabids in here, or corpses or blood either. But the reek of this place might disguise something.

I hit the bell again.

The door behind the counter opened a crack. “What do you want?” came a wheedling voice.


“Got nothing for you there.”

“Bullshit. Rumor has it you know every damn thing that goes on in this city.”

A second crept by, and then the door opened wider.

Glaring with beady black eyes, the dark-haired man pushed past the curtain. Five four if he was an inch, the wiry guy was built like a teenager but with a weathered face like a middle-aged man who’d lived rough. His scruffy beard and tousled hair didn’t fully disguise the hint of pointed ears or the sharp angle of his chin.

Rat shifter, I’d wager. The witch, Eden, said there were supernaturals in this place. She just hadn’t been specific on what kind.

The man crossed his bony arms. “I don’t want any part of your mess.”

“Then give me what I need so I can be on my way.”

A scoff left him. “That’s not staying out of it.” He jerked his chin at the door. “Go.”

My blood started boiling. Ten nights, five hours, forty-six damn minutes since rabids took Wren… “You know who I am?”

“Some vampire. I’m not interested in whatever the hell you lot are tangled up in now. You just—”

My arm was across the counter before he could flinch. Gripping his flannel shirt, I yanked him toward me, sending the cup of pens and the bell clattering away. “I’m Ulysses. You know that name?”

The man’s eyes went wide.

“Rabids captured someone who matters to me, so now I want information or I’m going to take ten nights of frustration out on your little shop.” I pulled him closer. “And you.”


  • Four hot vampire warriors
  • Strong, snarky heroine
  • Multiple POVs
  • Slow-burn spice
  • Touch-her-and-die vibes
  • Completed series

WARNING: Contains a story you can't put down. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop.

What reviewers say

"I found once I started read this book it was impossible to put down. There’s so much drama suspense twists and deceit that it grab my attention. Strong plot and well developed characters. Looking forward to the next book to see what happen next." - Kazaa, Amazon reviewer

"Freaking amazing book!!! Tons of action and suspense. Detailed exciting plot. Multi layered characters. Highly addictive book that I definitely enjoyed." - L, Amazon reviewer

"Talk about a nail bitter......the first book had me on edge with just trying to figure out Wren, now Harper too! Wren and Harper both having powers, both almost die multiple times.......I am in love with this series!" - Christina, Amazon reviewer


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